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Owner FAQs

Q: What is the MMG Development unit delivery program?
The MMG Development has developed a unit delivery program to effectively welcome new unit owners to an MMG property. This approach allows us to provide an orientation session with new owners as well as identify "punch list" (last minute) issues to be addressed. The program consists of a three-phase walk-through:

1. Pre-delivery internal quality control inspection (internal MMG procedure)
2. Customer (unit owner) walk-thru, including purchaser's orientation
3. Final sign-off walk-thru with purchaser.

The Punch list Manager will coordinate all walk-thrus with each unit owner. During the orientation, all aspects of the mechanical and electrical systems will be explained and tested as well as the basic building components such as windows, fireplaces, alarm systems, etc.

Q: What can I expect during the Purchaser's Orientation and walk-thru?
Great care has been taken to build your new unit. MMG properties are built with the highest quality design, engineering and workmanship. The Purchaser's Orientation and walk-thru conducted by the builder before settlement is designed to familiarize the Purchaser with the mechanical, plumbing, electrical and electronic systems in your unit...

Q: How are warranty issues managed and who is responsible for responding to my warranty calls?
In your warranty letter provided to you at settlement, you will find a list of all the major subcontractors that have worked on your property. Owners in need of assistance with warranty issues should send written notice to either warranty@mmgdevelopment.com


4725 Wisconsin Ave, NW Suite #275
Washington, DC 20016

All warranty claims will be responded to promptly via email or phone.

Q: How and when should I transfer the utility bills?
At settlement each owner will be given a contact list for all utility companies in the building. It is the responsibility of the unit owner to call the utility company to have service initiated in the owner's name. Owners should initiate or transfer service in their name within 72 hours of settlement.

Q: What are my management and maintenance responsibilities as a condominium unit owner?
The builder will deliver the property to the unit owners and the Association (once formed) and turn over the responsibility of management. The Association shall then elect a board and begin taking control of these responsibilities. The board may elect to hire a Management Agent to conduct the day-to-day maintenance functions of the building and to implement the rules and regulations set out in the bylaws.

Q: How is the property managed when there is no Management Agent?
A: Many Associations elect to "self-manage" as a way of maintaining control over the maintenance of the property. This is cost-effective for smaller buildings where condominium dues are low. In a self-managed building, unit owners agree on the basic building maintenance responsibilities such as: hiring a trash company, hiring the fire alarm monitoring company, snow and ice removal, light bulb replacement, cleaning of common areas, payment of utility and maintenance bills as well as an accounting of the income and expenses for the association.

Q: I want to learn more about the maintenance of my condominium unit. Where can I find this information?
A: At settlement, you received a "Settlement Folder" including all the manuals for your appliances and equipment, keys to all the doors to your unit, polish for your stainless steel appliances (if applicable), your builder's Warranty and a Finish Schedule including all paint selections used in your unit.